Suits and Ladders

A one-of-a-kind corporate survival guide based on the combined wisdom of 102 people with real jobs

Suits and Ladders book cover

The corporate survival strategies identified in Suits and Ladders: Ten Proven Ways to Keep Your Job Safe (with a few jokes thrown in) are universal and transcend national borders, industries and genders. Whether you work in Canada or France, in financial services or for a NFP, there are ten things you can do right now to stabilize your cash flow, improve your professional outcomes and keep your job safe.”

In her foreword, Barbara Morris-Blake, who has interviewed and coached over 10,000 junior-to-senior level people over the past twenty years says, “It‘s challenging to find a great job. It’s equally difficult to hang on to it. Suits and Ladders is the exit interview and the corporate survival coach you wish you had. This one-of-a-kind survival guide explains the strategies 102 real people with real jobs use to stay employed. Following their lead gives you a better chance of survival, or at least, gives you a fighting chance at survival. I highly recommend this important work.”

“I wish I had written this book before I crashed and burned my way through three amazing senior corporate positions. Then again, I was much smarter in those days and probably wouldn’t have read it. My fervent hope is that you are smarter than I was and that Suits and Ladders: Ten Proven Ways to Keep Your Job Safe helps you do just that,” says Suzen Fromstein.

Suits and Ladders is available on Kindle and through Smashwords for all other e-platforms including Kobo, Apple, Sony, B&N etc. There is also a Print on Demand option.

Want to Inform, Influence and Entertain Like A Pro? is available on Kindle and through Smashwords for all other e-platforms including Kobo, Apple, Sony, B&N etc. There is also a Print on Demand option.

Advance Praise for Suits and Ladders

“Suzen has tapped into what certainly qualifies as one of the most troublesome issues faced by many individuals today: hanging on to a job. She has formulated a survival guide with clearly written pragmatic actionable concepts but implicit in her text is a belief of continued learning with some healthy laughing along the way.” Al Emid,
Radio & News Magazine Producer, Financial Journalist and Canadian Best-Selling Co-Author of What I Have Learned So Far and Financial Recovery in a Fragile World (and upcoming release Investing in Frontier Markets: Opportunity, Risk and Role in an Investment Portfolio)
“Every sentence of this book offers sage suggestions for keeping your job safe and yourself protected. From heightening self-awareness to championing a positive attitude and fuelling your workplace passion, Suzen has thrown enough seeds on the soil to grow a whole new crop of quality, secure and forward thinking professionals. The bonus? This volume is transferable to private life and personal relationships, too!” Nina Spencer,
International Keynote Speaker and Canadian Best-Selling Author of Getting Passion Out of Your Profession (and 2014 release of A Time to Creep, A Time to Soar: Lessons learned for work and life from climbing Kilimanjaro)
“The way Fromstein presents her pertinent and significant ideas in Suits and Ladders is exemplary. She combines essential information with real life case studies to create a comprehensive, easily understood guide. Suits and Ladders is a perfect handbook for all employees and an essential manual for University and College grads. Zel Spillman,
A1 Career, executive search, Co-op Consultant, Masters Accounting, University of Toronto, Canada
"Suits and Ladders is more than a careers survival narrative. Yes, I said careers because we all know that before we go for the eternal dirt nap, we will experience 2 or more careers. This tome borders on a philosophical experience. Suzen Fromstein has obviously experienced much of what her 102 real people with real jobs have shared with the readers of Suits and Ladders. Otherwise, she could not have written what she did in a way that easily describes very complex situations in the corporate world. The book is now an accessory of my mobile office, as is The Greatest Salesman in the World by Augustine (Og) Mandino. Suits and Ladders and The Greatest Salesman in the World are mentors in my business world." JC - Review on Suits And Ladders (Kindle Edition)